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We're adults here and (usually!) behave properly, However in order to keep this place a happy and friendly one, there are a few rules;

1. Aggressive, offensive or threatening behaviour, bad attitudes, comments or incitement will NOT be tolerated.

We're all different and usually everyone has a viewpoint. Unfortunately not everyone can be right, but it's no excuse to "get busy on their ass" and call them nasty names just because you happen to think they are wrong or you're bored and fancy "a laugh" so keyboard warriors beware!

If you disagree with the factual content of a post, say so politely. If you really, really have to vent your spleen in disgust to the poster in question, confine your argument to PM and keep it private and appropriate as defined in section 3. If you seriously disagree with the topic or are offended in any way with it's nature, REPORT THE POST to the moderators by clicking on the little blue square at the top right of the post and let us investigate. Do not respond or take the poster to task - that's OUR job.

Likewise, if one of your posts is moderated or deleted, there's usually a good reason for it, so don't get irked with us or start "having a go" - it's not personal - we're only doing OUR job! Goading a moderator will be viewed in a very poor light and if you want to throw your toys out the pram as a result of being moderated, go and do it some place else, we don't care where, but not in here thanks very much.

If you want to post something you think will generate a "passionate" response, our advice first is to think again. However if you still want to make that post, either check with any moderator first or confine it to the "opinionated" thread.

2. Language and etiquette used in posts.
Most forums have rules about this. Please type in normal English - this makes it easier for everyone to understand.

If you suffer from dyslexia or English isn't your first language, you should say so and generally most people will make allowances!

If you use "txt-spk", abbreviations, or mess up your spelling, grammar, punctuation so it looks like a 5 year old typed it, then some people won't bother to read your question. Even if they do, they may not fully understand it. If one of those is the person with the answer you need, you just blew it.

In addition, many members take exception to lazy people who can't be bothered to press the SHIFT key at the beginning of a sentence, TYPE ENTIRELY IN CAPITALS, add a full stop at the end of a sentence, or check their spelling and punctuation. This often leads to harassment and a thread full of insults. To avoid inviting such disruption PLEASE type your messages carefully with normal punctuation, grammar and spelling. This is especially important when discussing technical subjects.

Remember that your post can be seen around the world. Why embarrass yourself by typing like an infant?

3. Misuse of the Private Message (PM) system will not be tolerated.
The PM system is provided purely as a means to continue private discussion related to topics on the forum, or deal with disagreements as outlined in section 1 of the AUP.

To us, private messages are just that - private between two individuals - and they should not be shared with anyone else under normal circumstances.

If you feel you do not agree with or cannot meet this expectation on you, do not use the private message system or the forum as a whole.

If examples of misuse of the PM facility come to our attention, PM facilities will be removed from members and/or members may be banned with little or no warning.

However, there are some circumstances where it is necessary to pass on the information contained in a Private message. The only acceptable recipient of a "shared" PM is the forum administrator or one of the moderator team and to assist you in defining an acceptable situation in which to share a PM, we have given some examples:

Example 1.
A forum member misuses the PM system to send abusive PMs to another member, or create unrest on the forum or in the club community.
Example 2.
A banned forum member uses partners log in to send abusive PM's to another member, or create unrest on the forum or in the club community.
Should you be the recipient of a PM you feel contains content offensive to you, or content that is offensive, aggressive or disrespectful to others, in the first instance you should contact a moderator or the forum admin.

4. Libellous or Slanderous comments about companies, organisations or individuals will not be tolerated.

Sorry, as good entertainment as poking fun at Vauxhall is, stating they may make rubbish cars that are ugly and unreliable is just not on - in this litigation-happy society we live in that is frowned upon. The same applies to comments made about individuals and even organizations.

While the FSOC absolves itself completely of any liability relating to the opinions posted here or on linked sites, we won't be chuffed if the lawyers come a-knocking so unless you have independently verifiable facts that can back up your claim that so-and-so can't tune a car to save his life, or mr. blogs is a highly unreliable individual, then we strongly suggest that you don't post it as fact or in a way that can be taken as fact.

If you wish to air an opinion or relate an experience you have personally had, so long as you state this is the case when you post then we have no problem with you doing so but we do ask you to be aware of, and try to stick to, rule 1 when you are posting your thoughts - freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but to remain on here you must use it appropriately.

If we think comments made about people, products or companies are on thin ice, legally speaking, posts may be editted or removed entirely.

5. Humour is subjective. Something you find hilarious, someone else may not and your witty post may be misread completely into something all the more offensive.

Think before you post and please use the smileys provided ("emoticons" to give them their proper name!) to convey the use of humour, non-serious posts, or tongue-in-cheek remarks.

6. Cars or Parts for sale sections are provided as a means of helping our members out only.
We are not responsible for the accuracy of the posts, the reliability of the poster or even what is agreed in private conversation between buyer and seller.

It is up to you as buyer (or seller) to ensure the items in question are fit for your purpose and reasonably described and that all transactions are above board. If a sale goes horribly wrong, it's not our fault.

7. Pornography or other adult or sexual content is not permitted Under any circumstances.
This is a forum about cars - specifically the Ford Sierra. This forum may be used by minors so if you want to talk about women (or men if it's your thing) go find a forum specifically tailored for that sort of thing - don't bring it here!

8. Sharing of copyrighted files or programs is not permitted on the forum at all. End of story.
Yes I know we're spoilsports but it's generally very naughty and a legal minefield so don't do it.

Pictures are almost as bad but if you are going to post a diagram to illustrate a point (for example a scanned picture from a Ford manual or the Haynes book) then you must acknowledge the source. The publisher may not like the use of their material on the web, but at least they are getting acknowledgement it is their material!

9. Posting randomly and excessively
It's not a good idea - especially if it's gibberish. The system may mark you out as a spam robot and either delete your posts or delete your user login.

10. Yellow Cards are given to warn posters of their improper conduct on the forum.
Posters can amass a maximum of three warnings before the forum will automatically suspend their logon. Moderators reserve the right to use a Private Message (PM) as an alternative informal means to warn posters their conduct is inappropriate or even suspend a users account with no warning if the situation demands it.

PM warnings will usually NOT count as an alternative to a yellow card though a poster accruing an excessive amount of PM warnings may be given a yellow card as an alternative to further PM's at the discretion of the forum moderator team.

Should any poster act, or continue to act, improperly - after warnings or a temporary ban has been issued, their logon may be permanently removed with no further warning.

If suspended or banned, posters should not try to re-register or continue to post under another name. If we detect this, the poster's access will be removed, any temporary suspension will become permanent and further attempts to register on the forum blocked.

11. Business Advertising.
We require that all business-related advertising is explicitly approved for posting beforehand. Any posts deemed to be advertising and made without the prior approval of the officials, or having content deemed to be inappropriate to this forum or our membership may be edited or removed entirely without prior warning.

This is a forum about the Ford Sierra, not a hosted site for businesses to get "free" advertising for their products and services.

Where a prior arrangement for the provision of discount to FSOC club membership exists, or individual traders are full members of the FSOC itself, this restriction will be waived and limited advertising allowed by agreement providing notified limits of acceptability are adhered to.

The individual limits agreed with traders will be at the discretion of the Club Public Relations Officer or Club Officials and will be considered on the merits of each application.

12. Ownership of posts.
Any posts other than copy written material become the property of the FSOC and as such the club can reproduce these items in other publications or choose to amend or remove these items via the moderator team if deemed unsuitable, dangerous, offensive or provocative or suspect to be damaging or cause inefficiency to the servieces provided by this site.

Any graphical media (e.g. pictures, movies) uploaded to the FSOC become the property of the FSOC and shall be treated in the same manner as 'Posts' (B.12)

The FSOC - Ford Sierra Owners Club reserve the right to ammend this policy at any time.

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